Seshen - Wiccan, Pagan, Texan (seshen) wrote in wiccancommunity,
Seshen - Wiccan, Pagan, Texan

Witchy book review community


sihaya09 and I have a new community we're getting underway for pagan bibliophiles. It is a book review community open to posting from all.


From our info page:

"This community is for reviewing books about witchcraft and witches, be they fictitional books or non-fiction.

A Note on Nonfiction Reviews:: It is rather well known that there is no one definition of 'witch.' Therefore, for the purpose of this community, all paths of witchcraft will be exqually honored and welcome here. Books reviews of all kinds are welcome here as well: the history of witchcraft, spellbook reviews, Wiccan/Pagan books, etc.

A Note on Fiction Reviews:: Witchcraft is all about enchantment, and its themes span many genres. It is prevalent in Young Adult literature, Horror, Fantasy, and Fairytale genres, among others. If your book has prevalent themes of magic and the supernatural, it is welcome here."

If this sounds good to you, please drop by! We're interested in your reviews!

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