meow4now (meow4now) wrote in wiccancommunity,

Protection Spell

Hi, it's me Kitten. Can someone give me a cheap easy simple protection spell. I live in hud housing and the manager is occasoinally a bully she is xian and dislikes me being pagan/wiccan. I have what is probalbly an irrational fear of her-is in if she will fail me deleberately on our aprtment inspeceionts or something like that, you know what I mean that she may try to find an excuse to terminate my lease or what ever, weve had her 3 years or so now and only in the beginning did she bully me about my religeon, then she let it go.
now just have a feeling a bout her lately that she is up to her old tricks so waht is something simple i can do to protecr my self from her migickly?
thanks in advance!
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