Gabrielle (iluvumd_666) wrote in wiccancommunity,

yesterday when i came home i smoked in my room, just kickin back in my chair. I was scannin my room, just lookin around. I looked at the candles on my window sill and looked a t my bed but when i looked at my window again one of my candles was light, i went to bplow it out and i noticed that there was alot of melted was in it. I was like shit that was light all day. But when i went to school i blew them att out, and i was positive they were all out. Then later than night went i went to go to bed i blew out the candle on my dresser and light and incent. I looked up on the other widow sill and noticed another candle was light, but i havent lit that one all day. I went to blow it out and once again there was alot of melted wax in it. It was creepin me out a bit.
I six hours of sleep (physically), but i feel as if my "mind" has been up wondering about my room, just hangin out. I feel pretty tired today. I dont know, maybe im just paranoid. Well i got to get ready for school...later...Blessed Be!~*~Valerie
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